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Pliant Press and Top Shelf Productions are proud to present

Tonoharu is a graphic novel series about a young American who moves to rural Japan to work as an English teacher. With sharp prose and beautiful illustrations, it paints a compelling portrait of the joys and frustrations of living in a foreign country.

The first volume examined the sense of isolation inherent to the experience. It received a Xeric Foundation Award, and was named one of Booklist Magazine’s Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2009.

The long-awaited follow-up Tonoharu: Part Two explores other facets of life abroad, with a focus on the unique relationships that develop in expatriate communities and the challenges in forming meaningful connections with members of the native population.

Tonoharu is appropriate for audiences sixteen to adult.

About the Author
Lars Martinson worked as an English teacher in Japan for three years. In 2008 he was awarded a research fellowship from the Japanese Government to study East Asian line art. For more information, visit his website at:

     Tonoharu: Part Two
AUTHOR:     Lars Martinson
CATEGORY:     Graphic Novel / Fiction
LIST PRICE:    $19.95 USD
PAGES:    160
SPECIFICATIONS:    Hardcover w/ full color jacket,   Two-color text pages, 5½”×8¼”
ISBN-13:    978-0-9801023-3-8
PUBLISHER:    Pliant Press
PUBLICATION DATE:    December 1, 2010
DISTRIBUTION:    Top Shelf Productions / Diamond Book Distributors

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